Incident in prison – ‘We are investigating for attempted arson’


The mysterious fire, which – as reported – took place at the end of March in the “Ziegelstadl” in Tyrol, is now occupying the criminal investigation department. The first new findings are available – among other things, it is clear that worse could have happened and only prison guards have access to the said area.

On March 29, Innsbruck prison staff noticed a burning smell coming from an examination room. “There they discovered a burning candle that could still be blown out. No further extinguishing work was necessary and therefore no damage was caused – with the exception of soot. But it is also clear that the candle has been placed in such a way that it would most likely have caused a fire if it had been extinguished. had remained undiscovered,” Christoph Kirchmair, head of the criminal division of the police command of the city of Innsbruck, explains to “Tiroler Krone” when asked and at the same time confirms: “We are therefore investigating attempted arson.”

“interrogations are conducted”
It is also clear that only employees of the “Ziegelstadl” have access to this area – by means of an electronic key or chip – which of course makes the matter exciting. “The clarification of access rights is still ongoing. And parallel to the technical clarification, interrogations are also being held,” Kirchmair reveals. A concrete suspect with a clear motive is currently not in sight.

‘Initiation fire must now be assessed’
The head of the detective department of the city police command now also calls on experts from the National Bureau for Fire Prevention: “Your specific task is to assess this incipient fire.”

Immediately after the discovery of the burning candle, the head of the Innsbruck prison started the investigation and reported it to the police. “Then the detectives were charged with processing,” Kirchmair emphasizes. Further results are awaited.

Source: Krone


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