The academy asked Will Smith to leave the Oscar gala to beat Chris Rock, but he refused


The Hollywood Academy on Wednesday invited actor Will Smith to submit a written statement about his behavior at last week’s Oscar ceremony, where he slapped comedian Chris Rock over a joke about his wife’s appearance. In the statement, the academy explained that it had asked the translator to leave the ceremony, but he refused, although the organization acknowledged that “he could have managed the situation in another way.”

According to a statement sent to EFE, the actor has 15 days to submit this statement before the academy “takes any disciplinary action” on April 18, which could be “suspension, expulsion or any other statutory sanction.”

Chris Rock: “I’m still working”

Humorist Chris Rock said this Wednesday, in his first public intervention, that he was still working on what happened at the gala. “I am still working on what happened, so I will talk about it at some point. And it will be serious, “Rock told his audience Ego Death Tour In Boston (Massachusetts, USA). Wanda Sykes, one of the presenters of the gala, criticized the academy for volunteering with Smith in the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Although the first event that was commented on was the removal of the Oscar that Smith won that night for his role in the film. King RichardThe statement did not comment on the value or accuracy of the information which was allegedly leaked to the media.

An open investigation into him is alleged, according to the academy, for violating the standards of his conduct, including “inappropriate physical contact, abusive or threatening behavior and violation of the integrity of the academy.” Smith himself apologized for hitting his Instagram profile on Monday.

Source: El Diario


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