“Creating understanding” – the processing of the pandemic has begun


The measures taken by the government during the corona pandemic have not received full understanding and love from everyone. Now the events of the crisis must be processed in order to learn lessons for the future and to avoid polarization of society and loss of faith in science.

Constitutional Affairs Minister Karoline Edtstadler, Social Affairs Minister Johannes Rauch and Science Minister Martin Polaschek, together with Alexander Bogner from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, presented the trial at a joint press conference at the Federal Chancellery. The work-up should also create understanding between different groups.

The past three years can be described in these words: “A state of emergency,” Edstadler explained. She praised the cohesion in society. The government’s decisions were made with the help of experts. The measures would have saved lives, but also polarized them. However, it is not always possible to make quick and 100% accurate decisions at the same time. “Citizens have a right to the truth,” Edtstadler said. Now it’s time to draw conclusions.

Rauch is already working on a new pandemic law
Rauch stressed that they are on track when it comes to lifting the measures. The corona vaccination will remain free and the wastewater monitoring will also continue. The Minister of Social Affairs emphasized that clarification processes have been started throughout Europe. A new pandemic law is already being worked on, the old one of which, as we now know, would not have proven its worth. Confidence in science has suffered – so he is happy that the process of revaluation is accompanied by science.

The reappraisal process is a “clear signal and emphasizes the importance of science,” Polaschek explains. There will be international comparisons. It examines, among other things, how society has become polarized and why trust in science has been lost.

Expert: Researchers are analysts, not arbitrators
One thing has already been learned from the pandemic, the sociologist Bogner explained. “We need clear boundaries, roles and responsibilities.” To promote understanding, you must create understanding. First of all, you need to understand why people reject science in the first place. According to the scientist, researchers perform analyzes and are not arbiters for politics.

Source: Krone


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