Man shot dead after argument at Tesla charging station


A dispute at a Tesla charging station in the US state of Colorado ended Monday in a fatal outcome: a driver was shot and eventually succumbed to his injuries. Initially, the police suspected a dispute over one of the supercharge stations, but they have since changed their mind.

Executives said the victim and gunman arrived at the charging station in the small town of Edgewater at almost the same time. The 33-year-old, who would later die in the altercation, got out and walked towards the other man’s Tesla. The latter eventually pulled out a gun, shot the other driver, and finally drove off. The shooter was caught moments later.

The gunshot victim was also armed
Investigators initially assumed the two men may have been arguing over a charging spot before the situation escalated. A video showed that the station was well attended. But it turned out that the shooting victim was also armed. A firearm was found at the crime scene that may have belonged to the 33-year-old.

The motive behind the deadly dispute is still under investigation. Police are going to review CCTV footage from the other Teslas at the location to find an explanation for the bloody act.

Source: Krone


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