Random car ride – a man with dementia alerted the emergency call with a horn


A woman from Hungary had alerted the Viennese police with great concern: her husband, who suffered from dementia, was lost in his car and could not find his way home. Since the 79-year-old only speaks Hungarian, the subsequent search for him was all the more complicated for the officers. The retired vehicle’s horn should be of considerable assistance in the search.

Completely beside herself, the woman went to Simmering police station around 2:30 p.m. last Friday. According to her own statements, she could not reach her husband by phone. Since the woman only speaks Hungarian, officials contacted the lady’s daughter to communicate with her in English. The daughter then gave the police the number of the missing father.

Draw attention to itself with a horn
With extreme perseverance, the police finally managed to reach the sick man by telephone. The 79-year-old panicked. He didn’t speak German either. The attempt to calm the pensioner over the phone and ask him to turn off the car failed. Then the emergency services came up with an idea: they asked the man to press the horn of his car – in the hope that passers-by would notice the 79-year-old.

Happy couple reunited
The plan worked: a concerned citizen eventually called 911 and complained about the noise, the Viennese police reported. This man was also able to pass on the location of the demented man. He got lost in Wlassakstrasse in the Hietzing district. The emergency services were able to bring the man back home, where his wife happily took him in her arms.

Source: Krone


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