Richer because of war? – Zelenskyj announced his income for the first time


Richer because of war?  – Zelenskyj announced his income for the first time

The war has given a number of Ukrainian politicians the opportunity to enrich themselves personally. The government cracked down and even arrested the deputy minister of infrastructure. President Volodymyr Zelensky therefore strives for transparency – and has revealed for the first time what he earned before and during the war.

Since the beginning of the Russian war of invasion, Zelensky’s income has repeatedly given rise to speculation; the Kremlin also abused the subject for its propaganda. Now the president has revealed his income for 2021 and 2022 – to show that he has not personally enriched himself while the conflict rages. On the contrary: the war is actually very damaging to his finances.

Zelensky and his family earned an income of 10.8 million hryvnia in 2021 – the equivalent of about 263,000 euros. That was twelve million hryvnias less than the year before. When Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022, family income dropped to 3.7 million hryvnia (about 90,000 euros).

During the war, rental income decreased
Zelenskiy explained that the dramatic drop in revenues was due to a lack of rental income from his real estate holdings. This decline is due to the war. It is the first time he has declared his income. He calls on civil servants to do the same and also declare their income. This is intended to increase transparency and prevent corruption.

Source: Krone


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