“Horrible” – Why Pledge of Allegiance was changed by Charles


The Church of England has admitted: Charles’ oath of allegiance has been changed. He not only displeased many Britons, but apparently also the king himself.

The UK is suffering from rising energy and food prices like no other country in Europe. In the daily life of the British there is currently little room for traditions that may seem romantic, but do not improve their lives.

For a quarter of a billion pounds to be poured into a coronation ceremony at a time like this would not make sense to many. Many criticized the fact that the public should be called upon to take a public oath of allegiance during the service as proof of the royal family’s aloofness.

“Call” becomes “Invitation”
Originally, the Archbishop of Canterbury, as the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church, was supposed to “call” the people of Westminster Abbey and the millions to the boob tube to loudly swear allegiance to the king.

However, that seems outdated for many Brits. After heavy criticism, the Church of England has now relented. The “call” has now changed to an “invitation” for a short time. Originally, all Britons would say, “I swear sincere allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law. So help me God.”

King Charles agreed to the change
However, it was soon noted that this would also legitimize Charles’ brother, the disgraced Prince Andrew. The royal, who is eighth in line to the throne, was involved in an abuse scandal.

British media report that Charles agreed to the change. His biographer Jonathan Dimbleby told the British news agency “PA” that the king found the so-called “Homage of the People” – the homage to the people – “disgusting”.

Source: Krone


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