Farm Fire – Bub (9) Hero of the Day: Reacted quickly in case of fire


It is thanks to a nine-year-old that a fire on a farm in Trins, Tyrol, did not get out of control on Saturday. The boy discovered the fire in the farm building and reacted quickly with understanding.

The fire broke out around 09.45 am at a central heating boiler. Moments later, the owner’s nine-year-old son noticed the smoke and flames. The boy reacted immediately: he first informed his father, and then ran to the fire station in the small town of Gschnitztal and raised the alarm.

“Thanks to the quick action of the child, the forces of the Trins fire brigade were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the rest of the farm building,” the police said. The fire was quickly extinguished.

No one was injured. No animals were injured either because the barn was empty at the time of the fire. Due to the rapid deployment of the fire brigade, material damage is limited. According to current knowledge, according to investigators, it can be assumed that a technical defect in the boiler is the cause of the fire.

Source: Krone


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