Fined – Child labor exposed in 62 McDonald’s locations


The US Department of Labor has discovered about 300 cases of child labor in US franchises of the fast food chain McDonald’s. Even two ten-year-old workers were caught in a branch!

The case of a franchisee in a branch in Louisville, Kentucky is especially shocking. There would be several children working there, including the ten-year-olds. The two allegedly worked between deep fryers and griddles until 2 a.m. – without pay.

Worked while at school
Investigators found similar cases at Archways Richwood LLC and Bell Restaurant Group LLC. In other branches, too, children are said to have cleaned, placed food orders or worked at the drive-in counter. They regularly exceeded the maximum working hours per week – the children often had to toil during school hours.

Three franchisees, who collectively operate 62 stores in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland and Ohio, have been fined more than $212,000.

Source: Krone


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