Rushing mother – car with small child on board rolled away – crash


Nightmare scenes played out in a parking lot in Patsch near Innsbruck on Wednesday. A 34-year-old woman was unloading groceries when her car, carrying her 2-year-old son, suddenly rolled away. The woman jumped on the back – that had fatal consequences for her.

It was just before noon when the local resident parked her car in the parking lot and began unloading groceries. The son was still in the car when it suddenly started rolling. The 34-year-old immediately ran forward and wanted to put the gear lever of the automatic transmission in park. But that was no longer possible.

The vehicle then crashed into a house wall
The vehicle got faster and faster. He swerved out of the parking lot and rolled across a rolling field. The 34-year-old was dragged as he tried to stop the vehicle. After about 50 meters the car fell over a sloping embankment into the village street and then crashed into a house wall.

The driver and child were taken to hospital
The driver suffered serious injuries in the accident. Your son was extremely lucky and should have been unharmed. However, like his mother, he was taken to the Innsbruck clinic for a check-up.

Source: Krone


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