The work continues – after Mure, the road in Tyrol remains closed


The clean-up work on the L237 Kühtaistraße in Tyrol’s Ötztal after the mudslide last week is in full swing. But residents will have to be patient. The ban is expected to remain in effect until the middle of next week.

“We are currently working hard to clean up the creek bed that has been affected by the debris flow. At the same time, clean-up and recovery measures are still being carried out on the streets. Due to the ongoing necessary work, the road is likely to remain closed for safety reasons until the middle of next week.

“On Tuesday, the torrent and avalanche response team will re-assess the situation to determine whether measures need to be taken at the bottom of the stream beyond current dredging to secure the road in the long term. “

The massive mudslide had occurred over the past week. The barrier can be bypassed locally via the Haimingerberg local area – L309 Haimingerbergstraße.

Source: Krone


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