Fight against poverty – 60 euros per child: is that enough?


Until the end of 2024, the government will support children who have fallen into poverty with 60 euros per month. Experts are satisfied, but advocate reforms so that child poverty does not arise in the first place. But is 60 euros per child enough?

Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) may mark the day in his diary. The cabinet no longer expects a positive assessment such as that of the anti-child poverty package. “You have to say it openly, the coalition has done something good. The constant demands have paid off,’ summarizes Christoph Badelt, head of the Fiscal Council and one of the country’s economic experts.

After weeks of criticism from Caritas, Red Cross & Co. and great media pressure from the “Krone”, Minister of Family Affairs Susanne Raab (ÖVP) and Minister of Social Affairs Johannes Rauch (Greens) presented a new package for people living in poverty on Wednesday. 240,000 children in need will benefit. Support for 60 euros per month is available until the end of 2024 (see info box below for exact details).

Even Caritas director Klaus Schwertner is satisfied for the time being: “You have to judge the government’s quick response as positive. It is also good that there is no longer a one-off payment, but regular payments until the end of 2024.” , but not enough. We need long-term solutions.” Wifo boss Gabriel Felbermayr also calls for initiatives to ensure that child poverty does not arise in the first place. What could these reforms look like?

  • One requirement is an increase in unemployment benefits and emergency care, as well as an increase in the compensatory allowance.
  • A restoration of the unification of social assistance under turquoise blue is urgently needed. Schwertner calls for a return to the minimum income for 2019. “The abolition of the minimum income has received a bitter revenge during the crisis. It should again be about guaranteeing minimum standards. So there should be a ban on counting other social benefits, such as child benefit,” criticizes the Caritas director.
  • Basic child protection, which has already been decided in Germany, would be desirable. From 2025, there must be a fixed basic amount and a flexible additional amount for each child.

Source: Krone


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