Wreck burnt out – Three killed in plane crash in Croatia


Wreck burnt out – Three killed in plane crash in Croatia

Three people were killed when a plane registered in the Netherlands crashed in Croatia. As the district prosecutor’s office in Karlovac announced on Sunday, the bodies of the pilot and two passengers were found in the completely burnt-out wreckage of the Cirrus SR20 machine.

The machine started Saturday in Maribor, Slovenia, towards the Croatian Adriatic city of Pula.

fuel ignited?
For initially unclear reasons, she crashed in the Mali Makovnik forest on Mount Kapela, about 90 kilometers southwest of the capital Zagreb as the crow flies. Chief Inspector of Aviation Danko Petrin suspected that the fuel on board may have been set on fire during the flight.

Switzerland: Three dead in small plane crash
A plane crashed in the western Swiss canton of Neuchâtel on Saturday. Three people were also killed. The pilot and the two passengers died at the scene of the accident near Pont-de-Martel in the Jura.

Source: Krone


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