The crew of four is on its way to the ISS


With the second completely private mission, a four-person crew took off into space on Sunday for about ten days.

The crew embarked aboard a “Dragon” capsule owned by the private aerospace company SpaceX from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome in the US state of Florida, as the US space agency NASA announced.

Former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, former driver John Shoffner and Saudi Arabian astronaut Rayyanah Barnawi and her colleague Ali Alqarni are expected on Monday at the International Space Station. They will stay there for about ten days as part of the so-called “Axiom 2” mission and conduct science experiments.

50 million euros for a trip to space
The trip is organized by the private aerospace company Axiom Space, in collaboration with NASA and SpaceX. According to media reports, the passengers each pay about 50 million euros for the journey.

In April 2022, “Axiom-1” was the first fully private mission to the ISS. At that time, Spanish-American astronaut Michael López-Alegría, American entrepreneur Larry Connor, Israeli entrepreneur Eytan Stibbe and Canadian investor Mark Pathy flew to the ISS. Individual space tourists had been on the ISS several times before, but the “Axiom-1” mission was the first completely private crew.

Source: Krone


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