Car overturned – mother and two children injured by a rabbit


A 33-year-old mother from Wels-Land and her two children (twelve and ten) had to be taken to hospital after an accident on Sunday evening. Her car overturned as the driver dodged a rabbit on the road.

The family was on the Edt bypass near Lambach around 8:40 p.m. on Sunday. A 33-year-old mother drove from Schwanenstadt towards Wels. Her ten-year-old son and daughter (12) were in the back seat.

Haas surprises driver
At dusk, a rabbit suddenly ran across the street. The driver – apparently terrified – avoided the small animal and entered the banquet by car. The 33-year-old lost control of her car, the vehicle hit the sloping embankment and rolled over.

family in hospital
All three occupants, mother and two children, had to be taken to hospital. The severity of her injuries is unknown.

Source: Krone


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