Chip in the brain – miracle in Switzerland: the paralyzed walks again


Medical miracle in Switzerland! A digital bridge between the brain and spinal cord gave a paralyzed patient control over his own legs.

It is the next medical milestone of Swiss neuroscientist Grégoire Courtine. With his research team, he has once again succeeded in implanting a chip in the brain of a paralyzed patient that fooled the paralysis.

Digital bridge in mind
The man who was previously in a wheelchair can now stand independently again and also walk short distances. Thanks to the digital bridge used in the head, thoughts are recorded by electrodes. These, in turn, are converted into impulses and sent in real time to another implant in the back, where they activate certain muscles.

Courtine’s team is far from done with the research – it was the first step, but the method still needs extensive testing and improvement. In any case, the potential is huge.

Source: Krone


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