Works of art polluted – “eco-vandal”: Vatican criticizes climate activists


The Vatican has condemned the recent actions of climate activists from the Ultima Generazione (Last Generation) group, calling the participants “ecovandals”. “When thinking about works of art that have been part of humanity’s heritage for centuries and are becoming a destination for tourists from all over the world, it makes sense to remember that their protection is everyone’s responsibility and therefore any form of violence against them must be condemned with conviction,” Archbishop Rino Fisichella said.

Italian climate activists poured mud on themselves in front of a parliament building in Rome on Tuesday, drawing attention to the flooding in Italy caused by climate change.

“It’s Emilia’s Mud!”
“That’s Emilia’s Mud!” cried one of the two women who had poured brown liquid from large plastic bottles over their heads and bare chests outside the entrance to the Senate.

In the Emilia-Romagna region, thousands of residents and helpers are currently battling the mud and slush that recent floods have washed into their homes.

Color attack by climate activists
On Sunday, members of the group also poured a black liquid made from diluted biochar into Rome’s Trevi Fountain. The group of about ten people entered the basin of the world-famous fountain holding a banner reading “We will not pay for fossil fuels” – a nod to the campaign to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies.

Vatican condemns actions of ‘ecovandals’
The Vatican is angry about the actions. “The Church has always recognized the value and importance of art and culture and preserving them so that we can come to know God and keep our Christian roots alive. The Path of Beauty is an integral part of our mission to spread the gospel and promote the spiritual growth of believers. For this reason, it is imperative that investments are not directed only at mass tourism, which can lead to the loss of cultural and religious identity,” Fisichella, pro-prefect of the Dicastery of Evangelization, wrote in a Vatican document on tourism.

“It is appropriate that investments focus on infrastructure and promote the dignity of all workers in the tourism sector, contributing to the improvement of the quality of their work and of tourism itself,” said Fisichella.

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