For the liberation of Ukraine – Numbers mentioned for the first time: Kiev wants that many F-16s


The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has addressed clear words to the West. It takes 48 F-16 fighter jets to liberate the country from Russian occupation.

“Four squadrons of F-16s are exactly what we need to rid our country of the aggressor,” the ministry tweeted on Friday. In addition, the agency published a cartoon of a man grating a tower of the Moscow Kremlin on a vegetable grater with blades in the shape of airplanes.

Recently, the Air Force had spoken of dozens of pilots without giving exact numbers. Ukraine has high expectations of the promised fighter jets from the American manufacturer Lockheed Martin. They would not only strengthen the country’s defenses, but also send a strong signal that Russian aggression would fail, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Wednesday.

On the other hand, Russia stated that the fighter jets would become targets for the Russian military. It was also said in Moscow that the planes were not decisive for the course of the war.

The US supports this move
On the fringes of the G7 summit of leading democratic economic powers last week, US President Joe Biden effectively paved the way for a coalition of allies to supply F-16 jets to Ukraine. Ukrainian fighter pilots will be trained in the aircraft.

Source: Krone


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