Video shows runaways – escaped: alpacas paralyze the express train in Vienna


You don’t see that every day: three alpacas trot along on a train track in Vienna on Friday morning. The ruminants escaped from a circus that had set up nearby his tent. Train traffic between the Matzleinsdorfer Platz stop and Meidling train station was blocked for a short time.

Good! Who walked along the railway line in Vienna on Friday? Shooting from a “Krone” reader reporter show: three alpacas. Even the passengers couldn’t help but be amazed at the sight around 11am. The animals had just escaped from a circus.

Route closed for 20 minutes
Nevertheless, caution was advised: to ensure that nothing happened to the animals, the railway had to be closed for 20 minutes. After the escapees were caught again, the route was immediately released again. According to ÖBB, no alpaca was injured.

Refugees were recaptured
“All trains between Vienna Central Station and Vienna-Meidling were affected between 10:55 am and 11:15 am,” said an ÖBB spokeswoman. The animals had been walking around the track area and sometimes on the track body itself. “They were arrested by employees of the affected circus, operational managers of the ÖBB and the police with joined forces,” said the spokeswoman.

“In Vienna, it is rare that train traffic has to be stopped because there are animals on the rails,” said the spokeswoman. In the countryside, on the other hand, it often happens that cows get lost there, for example.

Source: Krone


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