Data stolen – hackers have fallen prey to the financial market supervisory authority


Data stolen – hackers have fallen prey to the financial market supervisory authority

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (FMA) has fallen victim to a hacker attack. Also, “highly heterogeneous datasets” were stolen, as announced by the national supervisory authority for domestic markets. However, the relevance for data protection is “limited”.

During a global simultaneous hacker attack on a previously unknown vulnerability in the data transmission software “MOVEit”, data records of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) were also copied and stolen.

The FMA was able to immediately close this vulnerability in the Secure File Transfer platform, which was also used, with the help of external specialists and has been working hard ever since to limit and repair the damage.

Those involved will be informed immediately
The stolen datasets have already been identified and analyzed in terms of data protection law. The number of persons indirectly affected by this data theft is limited according to the data protection analysis and therefore they are directly informed by the FMA. “Of course, the competent authorities, especially those responsible for criminal investigations, have already been informed and involved,” the FMA emphasizes in a press release.

Heterogeneous datasets are data that contain different types of information. This information is aggregated into a dataset for organization and analysis.

According to the provider Progress-Software, thousands of companies, including 1,700 software companies and 3.5 million developers, use “MOVEit”. The security researchers also pointed out that the US Department of Homeland Security and some major banks also use “MOVEit”.

Source: Krone


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