7 people injured – overtaking maneuver led to serious car accident


When a 19-year-old from Villach wanted to overtake a light vehicle in Hüttendorf on Wednesday afternoon, he did not return to the right lane in time and collided with two oncoming cars.

A 38-year-old mother with three children and a 49-year-old with his mother were also on Bleiberger Landesstrasse when the young man from Villach started to overtake. “The 38-year-old and her three children were injured to an undetermined extent and were taken to the LKH Villach by the rescue service,” the police said. “However, the 49-year-old driver of the second car was trapped and had to be freed by the fire brigade.” The 19-year-old who caused the accident was able to go to the regional hospital of Villach on his own.

Hydraulic rescue equipment and hydraulic cylinders from the main fire station Villach and the FG Bad Bleiberg were used for this purpose. “The driver was freed from the rescue helicopter RK1 after consultation with the emergency doctor,” reports Martin Regenfelder, deputy commander of the HFW Villach. “Access was created via the driver’s side and the roof was removed at the same time.” The 49-year-old was then flown to the LKH Villach. His mother, who was also seriously injured, was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The troops of the HFW Villach, FF Bad Bleiberg, police, Red Cross and RK1 were on duty for about an hour and a half until the rescue and clearing operations were completed.

Source: Krone


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