Lawyer Comment – Pride attack no point in detention decision


The 2023 Rainbow Parade in the center of Vienna was all about love. Three young people are suspected of plotting a radical Islamic attack at this peak of Viennese Pride. Completely unfounded, says the lawyer of the youngest, Andreas Schweitzer.

The three suspects, a 14-year-old and two brothers aged 17 and 20, had radicalized on the internet. One was already known to the police in connection with terrorist motives. The Directorate of State Security and Intelligence (DSN) was aware of the suspected plans in advance and acted in a timely manner.

Defender speaks for the first time
During a house search, sabers, axes, air rifles, knives and throwing stars were found – including those of the only 14-year-old suspect. His lawyer Andreas Schweitzer is now commenting for the first time on the serious allegations against his client.

“I was stunned to see my only 14-year-old client in custody,” Schweitzer says, shocked. Because the oldest suspect has already been released. According to the court, there is “no pressing suspicion”.

No mention of Pride in the arrest warrant
Unlike the just criminally responsible. The lawyer reveals that there is “no mention of the Pride parade” in the pre-trial detention order. “I suspect these allegations are being used to argue against the federal Trojan.” – an online government search measure.

In any case, his client denies all allegations regarding a plan to attack the Rainbow Parade. The three youths were arrested at noon on the day of the parade for “operational and criminal-tactical” reasons. According to the DSN, there has never been any danger to visitors and revelers.

Source: Krone


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