Relatives mourn – Fatal bicycle accident: young cook died on the way home


After the fatal accident in which a 28-year-old cyclist died, the grief of the relatives and friends is great. They cannot understand how the tragedy could have happened.

The shock is deep. “It’s terrible,” says Johannes F.’s mother when she visited the place where her son died on Saturday night. It is a straight stretch of road just a kilometer from the outskirts of Rust. Police markings on the ground remind us of the accident and there were some candles by the side of the road.

driver fled
As reported, the 28-year-old was cycling on L 209 at night when he was hit by a car. The 33-year-old driver then committed a collision. Moments later, following motorists discovered the lifeless man. All rescue attempts failed. The fugitive accident driver later reported this to the police, an alcohol mat test showed almost 0.8 promille. Both the 33-year-old and Johannes F. come from the Eisenstadt area, both come from the same place.

Johannes F. had just found a new job
On Sunday, mother and brother and friends gathered to say goodbye to the deceased. The young chef only started a few weeks ago in a restaurant in Rust. She was so happy when he found work nearby and no longer had to commute to Vienna, the mother says.

way home from duty
The few kilometers between work and home were probably the reason that Johannes F. covered the distance by bicycle. He was on his way home from work the night of the accident. Of course he could have taken the car, says his mother. But he was sporty and therefore preferred to go by bike.

Source: Krone


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