Next action soon? – Koran burning: Pope is “disgusting”


The burning of the Quran in Stockholm has not only sparked outrage in the Muslim world. The Catholic Church is also stunned. Pope Francis said in a newspaper interview: “I am outraged and disgusted by such actions.” Meanwhile, the Iraqi responsible for the controversial action has announced that he will burn another copy of the Quran.

“Within ten days” the refugee Salwan Momika wants to burn the Iraqi flag and the Koran in front of the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm. Momika, one after Sweden On Wednesday, on the first day of the Islamic festival of sacrifice Eid al-Adha, refugee Iraqis had made several appearances in front of a hundred spectators and journalists in front of the Grand Mosque in Stockholm. Quran came in waving the Swedish flag. He then pasted strips of ham, which Muslims consider unclean, into the book and burned a few pages out of it.

Erdogan: “It has nothing to do with freedom of speech”
This caused great outrage. Countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco convened their Swedish ambassadors. Iran announced on Sunday that it would not be looking for new diplomats for the time being Sweden to steer. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ranted: “Eventually we will learn the arrogance in the West that insulting the shrines of Muslims has nothing to do with freedom of speech.”

The pope argued similarly in a conversation with the Emirati newspaper “Al-Ittihad” on Monday. “Any book considered sacred by its people should be respected out of respect for those who believe in it. The right to freedom of expression should never be used as an excuse to offend others,” the Argentinian stressed.

He also raised the issue of violence: “In my opinion, the only way to protect young people from negative reports, false news and material temptations, hatred and prejudice is not to leave them alone in this struggle, but to give them the necessary provide instruments. ., namely freedom, discernment and responsibility.”

Source: Krone


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