Terrible accident – construction worker rips on the belly of the formwork anchor


A terrible industrial accident took place in the municipality of Stuben in Vorarlberg Arlberg on Tuesday. A construction worker slipped off a ladder and suffered an extremely profusely bleeding abdominal wound on a formwork anchor.

The 36-year-old worker of a construction company carried out formwork on Tuesday around 12:50 p.m. at a construction site in Stuben am Arlberg. The man leaned against the formwork in front of a concrete wall with a ladder and climbed up the approximately 2.50 meter high ladder, which slid slightly on the ground.

Major blood loss
This slip caused the man to lose his balance and fall off the ladder. When he fell, his belly slid over a formwork strap (a connecting element that connects two formwork panels) that protruded from the formwork and was almost six inches long. As a result, the worker suffered a profusely bleeding open gash in his abdomen.

helicopter recovery
After receiving first aid from colleagues at work, the 36-year-old was flown by emergency helicopter with serious injuries to the state hospital in Feldkirch for further care.

Source: Krone


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