Germans (31) in custody – Italy: Bavarian race in family – three dead


A German driver was arrested Friday evening after he hit a family of five while crossing the road in the Dolomite town of Santo Stefano di Cadore in the northern Italian region of Veneto on Thursday afternoon. Three people died, including a two-year-old boy.

The 31-year-old Bavarian is detained in a women’s prison in Venice, according to the Carabinieri. She lost control of her vehicle at high speed and collided with the family from the Venice area, the Carabinieri reported. She killed the two-year-old boy, his 48-year-old father and his 65-year-old grandmother. The child’s mother was taken to hospital, but her life was not in danger. The grandfather, who was also traveling with the family, had to be treated for severe shock.

Brother rode in front on his bicycle
Another child, a brother of the deceased boy, was able to save himself because he was cycling at some distance from his parents. At the time of the accident, there were many people in the center of Santo Stefano di Cadore while a memorial service was in progress.

The driver has been arrested for “street murder”. She escaped the accident with some injuries and was treated at the hospital in the town of Pieve di Cadore. She was subjected to an alcohol and drug test. It is still being checked whether she was using the smartphone behind the wheel before the accident happened.

No skid marks found
The shocked woman was interrogated by the Carabinieri through an interpreter. The German consular authorities in Italy have been informed. Investigators believe she was driving at high speed. No skid marks were found on the roadway.

Source: Krone


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