Two injured when Hamas fired rockets into Tel Aviv area


Two injured when Hamas fired rockets into Tel Aviv area

The Islamic terror organization Hamas has fired rockets into the Tel Aviv area for the first time in four months. Several explosions were heard in the city center and rocket alarms sounded in some cities.

Hamas’ military wing, the Qassam Brigades, has already claimed responsibility for the attacks. Two women were slightly injured in the attack as they rushed to shelters. The Israeli military said eight rockets were fired from the southern city of Rafah. Tel Aviv was last attacked with rockets from the Gaza Strip on January 29.

On Saturday, the Israeli army said it had killed several Palestinian gunmen. They had shot at the Israelis before. In addition, additional weapons caches and tunnel shafts were found in Rafah (see video of the operation above). Not all information could be independently verified.

Soldiers kidnapped?
Meanwhile, Hamas said it had captured and kidnapped Israeli forces. A video has been released showing an injured person being dragged along the ground in a tunnel, as well as photos showing military equipment and weapons. However, the Israeli military dismissed the report on Sunday.

The war in the Gaza Strip was sparked by the massacre by Hamas and other groups that left more than 1,200 dead on October 7. The Israeli army responded with massive air strikes and a ground offensive. Israel has come under international criticism due to the many deaths.

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