Serious accident in Upper Austria – firefighters had to save a dead school colleague


It was a terrible accident that alarmed the emergency services in Niederneukirchen on Friday morning. A 25-year-old collided head-on with an oncoming truck. It was extra stressful for the emergency services, as many of the victims were their classmates.

She may have been on her way to work when a moment of inattention probably ended her life. Around 5:45 a.m., the fire brigade, ambulance and emergency doctor were called on Friday for a head-on collision on the L 564 in Niederneukirchen. A small car crashed into a semi-trailer loading a jack-up platform near the Avia gas station.

Paramedics declared dead
The massive impact threw both vehicles into the ditch, pushing the car up to the driver’s cab. The comrades of the fire brigades of Niederneukirchen and Hofkirchen had to rescue the 25-year-old man trapped in the wreckage with hydraulic equipment. “Although the car was seriously deformed, we got this done in a few minutes,” says FF commander Johannes Mayr. After that, the woman was transferred to the emergency doctor, who alone could determine her death.

The truck driver was shocked
Shortly after the Florianis arrived, it also turned out that the local victim was a former classmate of several comrades, adding extra stress to the operation. The shocked truck driver (44) from Linz got out of his vehicle on his own and was taken to hospital.

There have been several fatal accidents in the past on this part of the L 564. Most recently, a Linzer (67) died in August 2022, and only in May of this year did a parcel deliverer die in a collision. All three accidents happened within a kilometer – the speed limit on this stretch is 70.

The firefighters have little time to process what they have been through. This weekend the camp of the district fire brigade will take place in Niederneukirchen, where 600 young Florianis are expected.

Source: Krone


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