400 Fans Affected – Springsteen Concert: This is how the big ticket fraud went


As reported, over 400 fans had bought Bruce Springsteen tickets online, some of which were overpriced, and were in for a nasty surprise. The anger is great, the damage is in the tens of thousands of euros. We expose a scammer’s scam and show what the perfectly fake tickets look like on behalf of the uninvolved provider Ticketmaster.

“I also bought two Ticketmaster tickets through eBay. The day before the concert in Vienna I was told (without asking) on ​​eBay that the full purchase price would be refunded. The money has now also been credited to the credit card. Lucky again. According to him, the seller found out the day before that he was selling counterfeit tickets.’ These lines were written to us by ‘Krone’ reader Manfred K. Others weren’t so lucky.

Source: Krone


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