“More than annoying” – Baerbock back in Germany after a bad flight


After her canceled trip to Australia, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock returned to her home country. She landed at Hamburg airport on Tuesday evening aboard a scheduled flight from Dubai, a reporter aboard the plane confirmed.

The background to the canceled trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji were breakdowns of an A340 of the German Bundeswehr’s flight readiness.

On two take-offs, the landing flaps failed to retract. The German foreign minister was angry on Tuesday.

“We Tried Everything”
“We have tried everything: unfortunately it is logistically impossible to continue my Indo-Pacific journey without the broken plane. That is more than annoying,” the Greens politician wrote on the website
Online platform formerly known as Twitter X.

“In the Indo-Pacific we don’t just have close #friends and #partners. The region will decisively shape the #worldorder of the 21st century,” Baerbock added.

“That’s why the content and personal exchange is so important.”

Source: Krone


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