Fire in the night – Two hybrid cars were on fire in the garage


Just as little was left of the two hybrid cars as of the garage around them: a full fire in Bad Goisern (Upper Austria) kept the fire brigade busy on Thursday evening. The roof had to be partially opened for the extinguishing work. The owner himself was informed of the fire.

Shortly before 11 p.m. on Wednesday in the village of Primesberg: The owner noticed flames in a multi-storey garage and warehouse building. Two hybrid cars went up in flames and the fire quickly spread to the wooden building above. This is reported by the volunteer fire brigade of Bad Goisern. The exact cause of the fire has not yet been clarified.

foam attack
The Florianis launched several fire lines and a foam attack. But the fire had already spread to the roof area. Therefore, the troops of the volunteer fire brigade in Bad Goisern and St. Agatha had to partially open the roof for the extinguishing work.

Thermal imaging cameras in use
A total of five respiratory protection teams eventually got the fire under control. Embers were detected and extinguished with thermal imaging cameras.

Scarce extinguishing water
“Once again, the two large tank fire trucks from the two fire brigades have proven their worth. This was the only way to ensure that sufficient firefighting water was available in the initial phase,” says Operations Manager Claus Ebner about the often difficult supply of firefighting water in the region.

The two burned-out vehicles were eventually pulled out of the garage using the rescue fire truck’s cable winch.

Source: Krone


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