Relatives demand: – Long Covid patients must receive healthcare allowance


Tens of thousands of people continue to suffer from long-term consequences after recovery from a corona infection and often need regular care from family members. There are now calls for healthcare benefits for Long Covid patients.

The pandemic with all its consequences, which also brings long-term consequences and diseases that require care for many people affected by infection, emphasizes the interest group of caring relatives. “The long-term and post-Covid consequences would include around 100 different symptoms to varying degrees. Everyone affected by this is dependent on the care and support of relatives and relatives under the most adverse circumstances,” says Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel, chairman of the interest group for caring relatives. To support them in their care and support, it is necessary that the sick have a healthcare allowance.

The pensioners’ association affiliated with the SPÖ sounds the same tone on the occasion of the National Day of Action for Caring Family Members. President Peter Kostelka reminded government leaders via a broadcast of the stressful situation of caring relatives. Measures include the expansion of the survivor’s bonus, the establishment of information centers throughout Austria and the expansion of mobile facilities and day centers.

Various symptoms
After recovering from a SARS-CoV-2 infection, many of those affected suffer from persistent symptoms called Long Covid. These include shortness of breath, fast heart rate, headache or chest pain, chronic fatigue, drowsiness, cognitive impairment, sweating, anxiety and depression. But surprisingly, this does not only apply to patients who had to be treated in hospital or even in intensive care.

As part of the Corona Fund, which the black-blue state government in Lower Austria launched this year, support can also be requested in the case of Long Covid or vaccine damage since September 1. According to FP State Councilor Christoph Luisser, the majority of the aid requested since the start of “phase two of recovery” concerns financial support for therapies for psychological problems, which so far amounts to more than 500,000 euros.

The Corona Fund in Lower Austria also covers Long Covid and vaccine damage
This was followed by Long Covid damage (280,000 euros) and tutoring costs (approximately 50,000 euros). To date, more than 47,000 euros have been requested to compensate for vaccination disorders, i.e. follow-up effects that do not fall under the Vaccine Damage Act. A total of more than one million euros in aid has already been requested for this year, Luisser noted on Monday.

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