After the pandemic – is the big return of school ski lessons imminent?


After two years of pandemic, everything on the ski slopes is “done”. But the price increases could throw a spanner in the works for fun on the slopes.

It could be the big comeback year for the popular school ski courses. Could. Because the omens for expensive leisure activities are again rather bad this season. But this time it is not the pandemic, but the high inflation and the terrible prices that do not play into the hands of winter sports at all. Due to Corona, there have been hardly any winter sports weeks in the past two years and most have been cancelled. With the exception of a few courses in March 2022. Nevertheless, according to the Wispowo association, the latest figures give hope.

Large catch-up effect in most schools
At the end of the 1970s, 250,000 children were still taking ski lessons per school year, in 2018/19 there were only 160,000. The latest figures survey by the Ministry of Education also dates from this year. But: The number of participants has recently increased again and there is also a large “catch-up effect” in most schools.

Currently, the costs for a week of winter sports, which is not always a whole week, are more than 400 euros, although without material. For many families, this is becoming less and less affordable. Funding can be requested from the Department of Education. Individual parent associations also offer financial support.

Thomas Krebs, staff representative for upper secondary school teachers (FCG), criticizes the fact that the aid of 100 euros per child has remained the same. Fewer and fewer teachers are enthusiastic about it. According to Wispowo, a winter sports week is still the cheapest way to learn snow sports.

Source: Krone


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