Accident drama on the mountain: the entire community mourns the loss of 19-year-old Leonie


Accidents resulting in death are always a tragedy, especially when the victims have their entire lives ahead of them. There is an honorary funeral for 19-year-old Leonie after the fatal mountain accident in Heiligenblut (Carinthia).

“Dear Leonie, we will miss your loving, friendly, helpful character in the fire brigade,” writes the FF Heiligenblut am Großglockner on Facebook. The 19-year-old slipped and fell during a mountain hike and since then her family, friends, comrades and the entire city have been in deep mourning.

“It’s really tragic.”
“Leonie had only been with the fire brigade for a short time, but wanted to do further training in Klagenfurt soon,” says commander Rudi Ruppitsch to the “Krone”.

In the coming days, the animal-loving 19-year-old will be said goodbye and buried: “At the request of her mother, an honorary funeral will take place for Leonie!” The coffin is carried by her former comrades, one wakes up and guards. “It’s really tragic, it was just a wrong step…”

Source: Krone


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