The situation in Austria – alcohol while hunting? Forbidden but uncontrolled


In France, a fine of up to 1,500 euros is now payable if hunters hunt under the influence of alcohol. This is intended to prevent accidents and also to improve the image of the hunters among the public. The people of this country do not believe in such a law. There is a – typically – Austrian solution for this…

“How is the hunter defined in the dictionary? It is a green-clad, heavily armed alcoholic who takes the shortest route through the forest to the nearest inn.” A thigh-slapper – and a sign of how hunters are seen by many in public. “This is certainly because the opportunity the biggest thing was that hunters were noticed in the pub, especially in the past,” says Jörg Binder, Secretary General of Jagd Österreich. There, at the so-called Schüsseltrieb, alcohol is included for many people, as is customary at parties in Austria.

Source: Krone


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