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Inflation has us all firmly under control: shopping, petrol, housing, almost everything is becoming more expensive. Inflation has risen by as much as 6% since 2020. Our community has had enough and wants change: the government must finally fight against it, because we have ourselves to blame.

Almost all parties in the crosshairs
Our users are not entirely sure who is responsible for the inflation dilemma. But one thing is clear: our government is to blame. But which party exactly is the perpetrator remains a mystery.

“It’s clear: the CO₂ tax is to blame!”
However, raising fuel prices is a much simpler case: the culprit is the CO₂ tax. This was introduced to combat climate change and must be abolished to reduce inflation. Some users even offer exciting alternatives.

Austria doesn’t know how to deal with electricity
The ever-increasing electricity costs are also causing problems for users. The state is certainly to blame here. Austria deals particularly poorly with electricity and other energy sources.

And finally, a valuable observation from the user Washbasin.

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