Rescue drops off 83-year-old woman at wrong house


Unbelievable but true: A patient (83) was given morphine before being discharged from hospital, after which she should have been discharged to home care by the emergency services. But the lady was taken to a house that was not hers. The staff put the woman to bed in the bedroom and left without informing her relatives. Joyce W. was found the next day by shocked relatives of the homeowner.

It has long been known that the British healthcare system is not in good shape, that hospitals are overcrowded, operations cannot be performed and staffing levels are reaching their limits. Therefore, it can be assumed that these factors have led to the following confusion.

Senior Joyce W. was accidentally discharged from Pilgrim Hospital in Boston on Tuesday and taken to a home owned by another patient. Joyce’s home in Sleaford in Lincolnshire is about 40 miles away.

“Epic mistake!”
The staff gained access to the house with a safe key and took Mrs. W. to the bedroom. The mix-up became known on Wednesday afternoon and Mrs. W. was picked up and taken back to the hospital. Her son Andy knew nothing about this, according to the Daily Mail. He was “very angry” and called it an “epic mistake”. The pressure that hospital employees experience is responsible for this carelessness.

Speaking to the BBC, Andy said the mistake was “absolutely shocking”. His mother was sleepy and very confused from the morphine; she didn’t know where she was. He was glad the incident did not have a more tragic outcome.

“What if they gave my mother the wrong medicine?”
But the confusion still bothers him: “It’s unbelievable. What if they gave my mother the wrong medicine? I thought patients wore bracelets so something like that couldn’t happen,” he told the Sun. Joyce had previously undergone hip surgery. and was given mainly painkillers.

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