Farewell letter written – Graz shooter found dead in cell!


Farewell letter written – Graz shooter found dead in cell!

It is the final chapter of one of the worst crimes in Austrian criminal history: more than 3,000 days after the terrorist ride in a heavy all-terrain vehicle in the heart of Graz’s city center, which left three dead and 36 injured, the shooter has now been found found dead in his lonely cell in the infamous Stein Prison (Nope). Does the suicide note left behind reveal the final secrets surrounding the insane act or does Alen R. take him to the grave?

Flashback: It is June 20, 2015. A slightly cloudy last spring day with temperatures up to 20 degrees in Graz. At lunchtime the bar gardens around Griesplatz and Hauptplatz are well attended, and many people stroll through the city center. Then suddenly it screams, fear of death, panic! Alen R., who once fled the war in Bosnia to Austria with his parents as a child, embarks on an unprecedented killing spree in his green Daewoo Rexton all-terrain vehicle. He literally chases passers-by for two kilometers with his two-ton SUV.

Life imprisonment for “planned mass murder”
During his trial, the then 28-year-old turned out to be an angel of innocence in a white suit. His brief comment: “I acted out of fear.” However, in court it is ‘planned mass murder’. The verdict, also because the jury unanimously declared that he was completely sane for the insane act: life imprisonment!

Now the gunman from Graz has taken his own life. During a routine morning check, prison guards found the 33-year-old dead in his lonely cell in the high-security special ward, where only convicted terrorists, murderers and other serious criminals are held.

Farewell letter: “I am innocent!”
R. left a suicide note, which is now being investigated by the authorities. In it he claims, among other things: “I am innocent!” Until now, the factual background of one of the worst crimes in Austrian criminal history remained unclear. The rules of a dead man could now answer the last riddles…

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