Third relapse: 14 years in prison for inveterate rapist


“You have to make it clear to him somehow that this cannot continue like this,” the prosecutor demands. Three prison sentences and institutional stays since 1981 have not helped the repeat sex offender. In his fourth rape trial, a jury in Vienna sentenced him to 14 years in prison.

The Tyrolean has already been in court three times. Always because of rape – twice it was an attempt. The 63-year-old was also admitted three times to what was at the time an institution for mentally disturbed criminals. The man even had to take anti-driving medication…

But all punishments and measures were unsuccessful. Because now the Tyrolean is back in the dock – again for attempted rape. At the beginning of June he placed an advertisement on a job board: dog sitter wanted! “Young women should please come forward,” the prosecutor specifies.

“Undress yourself!”
And so did a 19-year-old student: ‘In the beginning he was a really nice person.’ That changed when the 63-year-old leaned over the young woman with a kitchen knife and demanded, “Take off your clothes!” But “”Presence of mind and strong,” as the prosecutor describes the victim, she grabbed the beer mug next to her and hit her with it, allowing her to escape.

The Tyrolean who relapsed three times speaks of an act of panic and desperation. “I thought I had cancer and that I was definitely going to die.” He offered to ask the student if she would provide services other than dog sitting in exchange for money. “I wanted to exchange affection with her, but not sex.” – “With a 19 year old?” was the stunned question from judge Christoph Bauer.

Fourth accommodation requested and recommended
In addition to a conviction for attempted rape, the Public Prosecution Service also requests that the man be placed in a forensic therapeutic center. According to the court psychiatrist, the 63-year-old suffers from a serious combined personality disorder with a high risk of relapse – confirmed by the repeated crime.

“Are you ill?” Bauer now wants to know from the defendant himself. “I absolutely love it,” he admits, becoming indignant in the next sentence: “But I’m not prominent enough and I don’t have three lawyers like a certain castle actor. So the judgment has already fallen. I have no chance of getting it like the Teichtmeister.

“There’s no other option than to lock you up.”
It’s a completely different crime, Mr. Rat says, cutting the man off. The jury sentenced the Tyrolean to 14 years in prison – the sentence was also increased. “Everything has failed, so the court has no choice but to lock you up,” Judge Christoph Bauer explains.

Source: Krone


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