Promise for the future – Krone Sonne wants to conquer the sun


Promise for the future – Krone Sonne wants to conquer the sun

Despite bureaucratic hurdles, a new record for installed photovoltaic systems was set last year. The year 2022 was THE photovoltaic year in which the threshold of 1 GW of installed PV power was reached for the first time throughout Austria.

Krone Sonne has made an important contribution to this with the vision “100 percent sustainable living and living that is fun”: with more than 2,000 installed systems, the growing green technology company is THE leading provider when it comes to sustainable energy solutions in Austria. And we are only at the beginning of our journey as the ever-increasing demand for clean energy must be met.

In order to continue to implement photovoltaic solutions throughout Austria and reach the top – climate neutrality with 100% electricity from renewable energy – the rules of the game must be changed: the prevailing preconditions on the Austrian PV market must be optimized and a revolution from the ground up off!

Krone Sonne – as a pioneer on the Austrian photovoltaic market – has been confronted with the challenges of the market from the start: Let’s take a detailed look at the special situation and the problem areas that Krone Sonne faces every day for our customers who want to work with us promoting the energy transition:

Grid access process for private PV systems
The grid access process is crucial to ensure that photovoltaic system operators can supply their surplus electricity to the public grid, i.e. receive the desired compensation or use the electricity for their own consumption. The process of accessing the electricity grid throughout Austria is currently divided into several steps that could not be more complex, much to the chagrin of PV system owners who are becoming increasingly frustrated. Moreover, the networks are underdeveloped, which further aggravates the problem.

Consistent improvement of the existing financing system
In Austria, a diverse financing landscape for photovoltaic systems exists to support the expansion of renewable energy sources and the use of solar energy. Krone Sonne helps navigate the financing jungle and works to obtain federal financing for customers. The courageous team has already developed a sophisticated process so that everyone receives their funding.

Notification and approval procedures
The notification and approval process for photovoltaic systems in Austria can vary depending on the size of the system, location and state. When installing photovoltaic systems on buildings, building regulations may also need to be taken into account – this is also linked to a wide range of criteria and varies depending on the federal state.

Switching to solar energy has never been easier!
More than 2,000 households have already chosen a worry-free and self-sufficient energy future by trusting Krone Sonne. Solar photovoltaics will also be the strongest lever on the way out of the climate and energy crisis.

PV is a promise for the future, and the Krone Sonne team will help you deliver on this promise. Our numerous successful installations testify to our specialist knowledge and precise working methods. We consistently rely on top products, work closely with certified experts from your region and offer a user-friendly online tool to make planning your photovoltaic installation as easy as possible. You too can rely on our solutions and start your clean energy future.

More information about Krone Sonne can be found HERE.

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