Helper dies – three dead when residential building collapses in Havana


Three people were killed in the partial collapse of a residential building in Havana’s famous Old Town. Among them were two firefighters – a 40-year-old and a 23-year-old – who were surprised by a second during rescue work on Wednesday evening (local time) after an initial partial collapse and became buried under the rubble. The Cuban Ministry of the Interior has announced this.

The government reported the discovery of the third body under the rubble on Wednesday evening – previously saying a search was underway for a 79-year-old. It was initially unknown why the clearly dilapidated house had partially collapsed; but it had rained heavily. According to government information, 13 families with a total of 54 people lived in the three-story building.

Numerous buildings in Cuba are in poor condition
Many houses and other parts of the infrastructure in Cuba are in poor condition because they have not been maintained or have only been maintained in an improvised manner for decades. According to official information, a man died last Thursday when the ceiling of an apartment collapsed in the center of Havana, the capital of the socialist Caribbean state. The trade embargo that has existed for more than sixty years and other US sanctions make it difficult for Cuba to obtain materials. Add to this the inefficient economy under the rule of the Communist Party.

Source: Krone


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