Alarm after lightning – violent storm front crossed Tyrol


On Thursday evening, a violent storm front moved from west to east over Tyrol. Due to heavy rainfall and flooding, there were some fire brigade actions. Occasionally lightning strikes also caused forest fires, but serious consequences were not yet known.

The weather event was reflected in the Tyrol control center with a number of alarms. First in the Oberland, then also in the direction of the Unterland. “In Wenns in the Pitztal, the fire brigade had to evade because of the water,” said an employee of the Tyrolean control center at the request of “Krone”.

Forest fires were mild
In Huben in the Ötztal, lightning struck a forest fire, which no longer needed to be intervened after the deployment of the fire brigade. Fortunately, the consequences of a bushfire in Tobadill were just as minor. Later, there was mainly water damage, for example in Fritzens the Floriani disciples had to move.

Source: Krone


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