In Love With Scammers – Laundered Money From Fake US Soldier


A 50-year-old Hungarian woman from Tyrol fell in love with a scammer and converted criminal money into bitcoins for him. Now the woman had to answer to the court.

In 2020, an alleged US soldier wrote to the accused seller on Facebook. With the usual scams, an emotional relationship was built and she fell in love.

The woman quickly transferred 6,000 euros: “He said the money would not be confiscated and that he would pay it back in Austria.” She never saw the amount again.

Die or go to war
In 2021 he informed her that he needed 10,000 euros – otherwise he would die or go to war. She then made her account available – later she even opened her own for these transactions – to which thousands of euros were transferred by numerous other women. She rescued this money, converted it into Bitcoins and transferred it to her lover’s cryptocurrency app.

In the end, a proud amount of more than 75,000 euros was raised in this way.

Scammers more credible
“I’ve often asked if that’s legal, and he said yes,” admits the suspect. Also that a police officer had told her several times in the course of the investigation that the “soldier” was a con man and that she was illegally laundering money. But, “She’s clearly totally addicted to him,” says another researcher. The defendant probably believed more in the fraudster than in the officials.

Conclusion: One year suspended prison sentence and a fine. Not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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