Israel says there will be ‘no electricity or water in Gaza’ until Hamas hostages are released


On the other hand, the army spokesman confirmed that 97 people have been kidnapped by Hamas.

Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz defended this on Thursday “There will be no electricity or water” in the Gaza Strip until the hostages captured by Hamas after Saturday’s offensive are released. Gaza has been without electricity since yesterday due to a lack of fuel from its only power station.

“Humanitarian aid to Gaza? There will be no electricity, drinking water or fuel until those kidnapped in Israel can return home,” Katz said in a message broadcast via X, formerly known as Twitter. For example, he emphasized that “humanitarianism is for humanitarianism” and specified that “no one can teach Israel morality.”

Army spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed on Thursday that this is the case 97 people kidnapped by Hamas.

Hagari also reported that the families of 222 soldiers killed in fighting have been informed since the war against Palestinian militias in Gaza began on Saturday, although the number of dead soldiers among the more than 1,300 dead Israelis is estimated to be much higher.

Source: EITB


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