Forgery of documents – Cheating on the Matura is not considered a trivial crime


As reported, a schoolgirl from Styria passed her entrance exam with a buttonhole camera and headphones. She will probably have to answer to court without technical aids.

By the time they take their matriculation exam, every high school graduate should be clear: cheating does nothing but zores. As reported, a Styrian candidate who hoped for better grades with the help of a camera and headphones now knows this too. And now he could end up in court on charges of forgery.

“Particularly protected document”
Section 223 of the Criminal Code states, “Anyone who falsifies a document with the intent of using it in legal acts to prove a right shall be punished with imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 720 daily rates.” In fact, the high school diploma gives a so-called “specially protected document” the right to study. And § 227 StGB states that even the preparation of the forgery is punishable.

Source: Krone


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