Four dead – plane crash: first information about the victims


After a motor glider crashed in Salzburg’s Lungau, killing four, the cause is still unclear. However, the first information about the identities of the victims is already available.

Despite bad weather forecasts, four people boarded a motor sailor bound for Salzburg in the Croatian capital Zagreb at 2 p.m. on Thursday. Around 3:45 p.m. the machine crashed in a forest on impassable terrain on Passeggen – a mountain ridge in the municipality of St. Andrä im Lungau.

Eyewitnesses alerted rescuers, but the passengers could only be saved dead. How the accident could have happened is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Entrepreneurs and flight instructors on board
According to police, the victims have not yet been clearly identified. However, according to the “Bezirksrundschau Schärding”, two of the prisoners were members of the Schärding-Suben Aviation Union. The aircraft with German registration was also at Upper Austria airport and departed on Thursday morning for the outbound flight to Croatia.

For example, a 50-year-old flight instructor and a 39-year-old entrepreneur were on board, and during a stopover in Salzburg, a Salzburger and a German were also picked up for a business meeting in Zagreb.

The cause of the crash remains unclear
The cause of the crash itself is unknown. As “ORF Salzburg” reports, the flying weather in Lungau at the time of the accident was considered difficult for visual flights – due to partly dense cloud cover and wind turbulence.

The Salzburg State Police took over the investigation and called in an aircraft accident expert. The prosecutor ordered the seizure of the plane wreckage and an autopsy of the bodies.

Source: Krone


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