Suspended sentence – BH employee threatened: ‘Come with a weapon’


Suspended sentence – BH employee threatened: ‘Come with a weapon’

An angry appeal to the authorities ended up at the regional court for a man from Salzburg: he confessed and received a suspended sentence.

Time and again, people express their anger directly at officials about lengthy and often difficult official procedures. That is exactly what Friday’s trial at the Salzburg Regional Court is about: According to the prosecutor’s complaint, a Salzburger (36) had telephone contact with an employee of the Flachgau district administration in Seekirchen on September 21.

Referred several times
The man was transferred several times during the phone call – which probably made him even angrier. The conversation was apparently about a request that ultimately required him to come to the office building in person. The man probably did not want to see that at all: according to the Public Prosecution Service, he became angry and aggressive. And his anger led him to make a statement that eventually landed him in criminal court: “Next time I’ll come with a gun.”

During the trial he bluntly admitted this statement, which was considered a death threat by the prosecutor. The criminal trial ended after ten minutes: it resulted in a guilty verdict and a suspended prison sentence of two months. The judgment is not final.

Source: Krone


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