The US military announces: – Nuclear submarine arrived in the Middle East


Following the relocation of two US aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean and the announced reinforcement of missile defenses in the Middle East, a US Navy submarine with nuclear weapons capability has now arrived in the region. On Sunday, the Ohio-class submarine arrived in its area of ​​responsibility, the US Army Regional Command (Centcom) announced on the X platform, formerly Twitter.

The military has not provided further details about the destination, name or armament of the approximately 170-meter-long submarine. In the X-posting you can apparently see the submarine as it travels through the Suez Canal.

The Ohio class are nuclear-capable submarines that the US has used since the Cold War, mainly as a deterrent. They can also be armed with more than 100 conventional Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Rare announcements are intended as a deterrent
The broadcaster CNN saw the use of the submarine as a deterrent message to Iran and its allies in the region. Such an announcement from the US military about the deployment of an Ohio-class submarine is rare, the broadcaster said.

Source: Krone


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