Violent arrest – Due to curfew: guests rioted in the nightclub


After four o’clock in the morning the police had to intervene because two men simply did not want to go home. The scene of the dramatic scenes was the “Flying Lady” nightclub in the Güssing district.

Two guests were already in the mood to party and drink when they showed up late at night at the “Flying Lady” nightclub in Punitz in the Güssing district. They clearly felt in their element. A lot of alcohol was consumed. “It was time for both of them to celebrate. “They were quite tipsy when they came to our nightclub,” a barmaid remembers of the illustrious visitors.

“They became rude and insulting”
The mood changed abruptly when it was time to leave around four in the morning. The two partygoers reacted extremely angrily to the announcement of the curfew. “They became rude and insulting,” said the women present. The angry guests were so pushy and annoying that the waitresses eventually didn’t know how to help themselves. Without further ado, the boss was called and asked to throw the ruthless bullies out.

Club operators rushed to the scene
Club operator Franz Zöhrer from the Styrian district of Feldbach did not hesitate for a second and immediately went to his establishment to assist his staff. “It was difficult. In the end I got the two guests to leave our nightclub,” reports Zöhrer. But appearances were deceiving. When the rebellious men stood outside the bar, the problems started again.

Rioters were arrested by police
They started shouting loudly in the parking lot. Suddenly the boisterous men changed their minds and wanted to return to the nightclub – by force! “They hit the windows and the front door really hard,” eyewitnesses say. The police were called to prevent riots. Within a very short time a patrol was on site, followed shortly afterwards by two more. The grumpy guests could not even be put in their place by the officers, they insulted the men in uniform. The drunkard who was particularly angry was taken away and taken to the police station.

Source: Krone


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