Opposition politician – Milei wins the presidential elections in Argentina


Opposition politician Javier Milei has won Argentina’s presidential elections. The candidate of the party La Libertad Avanza (Freedom Progress) received 55.69 percent of the votes. Milei announced on Sunday evening that the reconstruction of Argentina had begun.

“This is a historic evening. “I want a government that does its duty, that respects private property and free trade,” Milei continued. In terms of votes, he was well ahead of the government candidate, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who received 44.3 percent. “Javier Milei is president. I congratulated him because the majority of Argentinians voted for him. From tomorrow (Monday, take note) it is the responsibility of the elected president to provide security and guarantees and we hope he will do so,” Massa said on Sunday evening.

“Extreme views on economic issues”
Milei is a self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist and represents a radical change. For example, he wants to introduce the US dollar as a means of payment, abolish the central bank and other ministries and cut back on social spending. The opposing candidate, on the other hand, supported the previous policy of massive state intervention in the economy and extensive social programs. American economist Mark Weisbrot described Milei’s views on economic issues as ‘extreme’.

The Argentine Milei also wants to liberalize gun ownership, is against the right to abortion, does not believe in man-made climate change and describes the Argentine Pope Francis as a communist.

Controversial vice president
His future vice president Victoria Villarruel caters to conservative clientele, maintains contacts with right-wing groups around the world and repeatedly provokes people with statements about the military junta.

Congratulations for the election success came from former US President Donald Trump, among others. “I am very proud of her. You will transform your country and truly make Argentina great again,” he wrote on the Truth Social platform.

However, Milei does not have a majority in parliament, so he needs allies. Argentina’s left-wing politicians are well organized, down to the smallest communities, through trade unions, social movements and party structures.

Source: Krone


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